Classes available at Win’s Sports & Wellness Consultancy Pte Ltd

  • Belly Dance
  • Bhangra Dance
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Bollywood Fusion Dance
  • Burlesque (Ladies class only)

Bhangra is a traditional ‘Lawk Naach’ (Folk Dance) of the Punjab. Also known as the ‘land of five rivers’, Punjab is a large region in the north of India and is rich in its culture and tradition. Post partition of 1947 Punjab was divided in two – West Punjab, which now falls in Pakistan and East Punjab, which is still in North India. The two parts of Punjab are referred to locally as ‘Charda Punjab’ (Rising Punjab – with reference to the sun rising the East) and ‘Lendha Punjab’ (Falling Punjab – with reference to the sun setting in the West). Bhangra dance is part of the people’s life and is usually dance to celebrate happy festivals/ occasions.

There are many forms of Lawk Naach that come from the Punjab but Bhangra is amongst the most popular. Bhangra is closely associated with the farmers of the Punjab, who performed it to celebrate the harvest festival of Vaisakhi.

Some of the choreography within the dance reflects the daily activities of the farmers at work, while other movements use varying tempo to demonstrate the skill and agility of the dancers. As you dance, you will learn to appreciate the art of how life and dance can be merged in such a wonderful relationship.

  • Bhangra Dance Aerobics
  • Body Attack
  • Body Scrupting
  • Cardio Box & Kickboxing
  • Circuit Training
  • Fun Aerobics & Rope Skipping
  • Personal Training

What Is Bokwa®?Bokwa® is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe. Bokwa® participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine. Moving together to today’s most popular music, participants off all ages draw the Bokwa® L, 3, J, K and dozens of other steps. Bokwa Is DifferentNo Counting StepsBecause Bokwa® steps are structured and based on the forms of letters and numbers, doing Bokwa® does not require you to count steps, like a traditional 8 count followed by most dance fitness programs. Simply feel the music and freely move with the beat. And the dozens of other class participants that are sharing the energy and excitement with you.

No ChoreographyOnce you know the step, you own it and can do it without following an instructor’s personal choreography. Because the steps follow the same structure, whether you are doing it in Taiwan, Australia, England or the US, Bokwa® is truly universal.

Today’s Popular Radio HitsWe do Bokwa® to popular music that appeals to a global audience. The music is energizing and addictive and it is likely the same feel good songs you listen to in your car.

Everyone Can Do Bokwa®.|Because the steps are structured as letters and numbers everyone can do Bokwa®. 4-year-old kids.75 year old men and women. People with two left feet who cannot dance. World champion Latin and ballroom dancers. All having a terrific experience in the same class!

It Does Not Feel Like Working Out At All.Because of the energizing music, the fun and predictable steps and great motivation coming from people moving together to music, participants become addicted to Bokwa®. You would not even realize you were burning up to 1,200 calories in one workout.

  • Corporate Events
  • Outdoor Stage Performance
  • Wedding Performance
  • Outward Bound

Other than having classes at studios and schools, Win’s Sports & Wellness also conducts Corporate Classes as well as Community class.With the emphasis of government grants for healthier living and exercise, Win’s Sports also works with the Singapore Sports Council to bring fun activities closer to workplaces. Win’s Sports also conducts Bokwa and Bhangra dances at the Community Centre, to promote healthy living at the heartlands.